Hormone Replacement Center


Welcome to FIT-LIFE MD

Fit-Life MD is a one of a kind Hormone Replacement Center that unlike other clinics, is 100% physician driven.  Founded by  IFBB Mens Physique Pro and Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician Dr. Francisco Cardona MD, our goal is to provide the best patient care by providing individualized Hormonal Treatment plans tailored for your specific goals while maintaining the highest safety standards. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Have you been feeling low on energy or like you are running on an empty tank?  Have your workouts not been like they used to or have you stopped seeing the gains that you were once having?  Have you noticed a decrease in your sex drive? Have you heard about low testosterone and wondered if you have it?  Find out if you could have low testosterone and could benefit from Testosterone Replacement 

Growth Hormone Therapy

One of the most important hormones in the body, Growth Hormone plays an integral role in multiple metabolic processes via its direct and indirect effects on normal physiology.  Deficiency of this hormone is believed to have numerous effects on the body that lead to the physical signs of aging.